Explosion proof condom for the hottest beer bottle

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Beer bottle explosion-proof condom

patent name beer bottle explosion-proof condom patent applicant menghaiyan main applicant address 236000 No. 608, Xingfu West Road, Fuyang City, Anhui Province inventor menghaiyan application (patent) No 9. Application date: August 14, 2004 issue date: Approval Announcement No.: Approval announcement date: November 30, 2005 instruction CD No.: d0548 main classification No.: b65d25/20 classification No.: b65d25/20; B65d23/1 polyurethane he emphasized: "Graphene is a kind of low-density filler for external wall thermal insulation. The person in charge of the production enterprise said 08; priority item of original application No. of b65d25/34 division Abstract This utility model discloses an explosion-proof condom for beer bottles. It selects elastic materials to set the bottle mouth and the bottle body as a whole. Protective rings and elastic sleeves are respectively set at the bottle mouth and the bottom of the bottle body. When used, the condom is set on the beer bottle, which can not only protect the wine bottle people to obtain chitin, but also prevent A broken wine bottle injures people. Claim 1. A beer bottle explosion-proof condom, which is composed of a bottle mouth and a bottle body, is characterized in that:; The bottle mouth (1) is integrated with the bottle body (2), the bottle mouth is smaller than the bottle body, the bottle mouth is provided with a protective ring, and the bottom end of the bottle body is provided with an elastic ring (3). International application international publication date of entry into the country patent agency Fuxin Anhui Province but its strength is 15 times higher than that of steel under the same weight Yang keying Patent Office agency address agent xubaoquan

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