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[Kimberley home] from several aspects of the overall cabinet production, if the index changes slightly, the cost will be greatly different. Therefore, when our consumers pay attention to the overall cabinet, there are seven places you must understand

[Kimberley home] from several aspects of the overall cabinet production, the cost will be greatly different if the index changes slightly, so when our consumers pay attention to the overall cabinet, there are seven places you must understand

first, ask about the thickness of the cabinet plate

at present, there are 16 mm, 18 mm and other thickness specifications of plates on the market, and the costs vary greatly with different thicknesses. The cost of 18 mm thick plates alone is 7% higher than that of 16 mm thick plates. The service life of cabinets made of 18mm thick plates can be more than doubled to ensure that the door panel is not deformed and the table top is not cracked. When looking at samples, consumers must carefully understand the composition of materials and be aware of them

second, we need to ask the assembly method

generally, those made in small factories or manually on site can only be connected with screws, rivets or adhesives. Adopting the latest third-generation box tenon structure with fixed parts and quick assembly parts, it can more effectively ensure the firmness and bearing capacity of the box, and use less adhesive, which is more environmentally friendly

third, we need to ask whether the independent cabinet

the whole group of connected cabinets will affect the fastness, so consumers should ask clearly when purchasing the overall cabinet, the difference between the service life and stability of the two is 2-3 times, and the cost difference is 5% Consumers can identify by packaging and installed cabinets. If independent cabinets are assembled in a single cabinet, each cabinet should have an independent package; Consumers can also observe it before the cabinet is installed on the table

fourth, whether the rear backplane is sealed on one side or on both sides

in order to save costs, some manufacturers cut corners and only seal the back plate on one side, and the invisible side is exposed. After being sealed on one side, the back plate is easy to get damp and moldy, and it is also easy to release formaldehyde, causing pollution. Therefore, it must be sealed on both sides

fifth, ask whether the anti cockroach mute edge banding is used.

when the cabinet door is closed, the impact is relieved, the noise is eliminated, and cockroaches and other insects are prevented from entering. The cost difference between the anti cockroach edge banding and the non cockroach edge banding is 3% Also check whether the table panel, door panel, box, sealing strip and anti-collision strip have been processed by machine film pressing, and whether they are sealed on both sides. If the sealing strip is not tightly sealed, oil fume, dust and insects will enter

sixth, ask the installation method of aluminum foil of clean water tank cabinet

is it pressed at one time or pasted with glue during installation. The sealing performance of one-time pressing is better, and water and moisture are not easy to penetrate, which can more effectively protect the cabinet and prolong the service life of the cabinet

seven, ask about the composition of the countertop

materials suitable for kitchen countertops include fireproof board, artificial stone, natural marble, granite, quartz stone, stainless steel, etc. Choose a non cracking, non deformation, non fading, non permeable, easy to clean and take care of the table

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