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Heavy sliding doors give people a sense of visual atmosphere and luxury. You should know that heavy sliding doors are completely different from ordinary sliding doors. What are the benefits of heavy sliding doors? How to choose heavy sliding door

heavy sliding doors are generally suitable for high-end villas, clubs and other occasions. Heavy sliding doors give people a sense of visual atmosphere and luxury. They are not only durable, but also anti-theft. You should know that heavy sliding doors are completely different from ordinary sliding doors. What are the benefits of heavy sliding doors? How to choose heavy sliding door

first, the benefits of heavy sliding doors:

1. Green environmental protection:

all the materials of heavy sliding doors are recyclable materials, which can be regarded as green building materials and environmental protection products, and the products are in line with the strategy of sustainable development

2. Heat preservation and energy saving:

heavy sliding door is an environmental friendly door and window, which has superior heat preservation performance and remarkable energy-saving effect

3. Flexible opening:

the heavy sliding door is not only flexible to open, but also durable. Every production process of the heavy sliding door must undergo strict testing before strict testing. The average number of tests can reach more than 100000

4. High strength:

the frame of heavy sliding door is relatively strong, durable, and has strong deformation ability against wind pressure, which is more suitable for high-rise buildings and civil residences

5. Safe and reliable:

the heavy sliding door adopts the sliding groove design of the upper and lower rails, which is not only relatively strong in sealing, but also very reliable in waterproof, sound insulation and safety. It is also very flexible in opening, which is very suitable for living rooms, balconies and other occasions

6. Safety and stability:

the heavy sliding door is made of high-quality hardware accessories, and the operating handle is designed to be humanized, convenient, flexible, beautiful, comfortable, solid and durable. The pulley of the heavy sliding door is composed of two groups of double wheel parallel pulleys and transmission links, so the heavy sliding door has a large bearing capacity, and slides smoothly and safely

second, the selection method of heavy sliding door:

1. First of all, it depends on the house type:

the selection of heavy door should be determined according to the actual situation of the house type. The size of space directly affects the number of door leaves, as well as the stability of the door and the coordination with the house type space

2. Selection of thickness of heavy glass and profile:

heavy doors use heavy glass as the door core, and generally use double-layer tempered glass; The door core is too thin, which is flighty and shaking when pushed and pulled, and has poor stability. Moreover, it is very easy to warp and deform after using for a period of time, blocking the guide rail, resulting in unsmooth push and pull, affecting normal use

3. Heavy paint surface:

the paint surface has been double-layer baked before spraying and transfer, that is, surface dedusting and impurity removal, which increases the adhesion of the paint surface and the paint surface will never fall off. However, some small manufacturers' profiles are simply baked, or even not baked, so the paint surface is easy to fall off and the texture is not clear

4. Pay attention to the selection of hardware:

the hardware accessories of heavy doors are very important, such as the quality of pulleys. The quality of pulleys directly affects whether sliding doors will derail or deform in the future. Only pulleys with super large bearing capacity can ensure good sliding effect and extraordinary service life

5. Choose regular large-scale manufacturers with good strength and reputation:

because the decoration of doors and windows in each family is a major event. If we adhere to the goods we selected at the beginning and install hardware (doors and windows) with quality leverage for our homes; After sales service; Mutual trust and win-win relationship, then we buy at the same time is not only to let us worry free goods, but also to ensure the quality of decoration; A guarantee for the people in the house; The embodiment of aesthetics and the outlook on life pattern

the above is the understanding of conros doors and windows on heavy sliding doors, which is for your reference only. I hope to help you

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