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In the early stage of decoration, we often need to sign decoration contracts or agreements. At this time, because a large number of consumers sign such contracts or agreements for the first time, they lack understanding of the pitfalls of decoration agreements. Today, I will follow you to see the common tricky analysis of decoration agreements for your reference

common greasy decoration agreements &mdash& mdash; The process description is ambiguous

when the decoration company or foreman quotes, because the owner will pay more attention to the price of individual items, he often ignores the process description, especially the material, specification, grade and due description. One owner complained that he didn't understand anything at that time. Fuzzy words were used in the quotation given by the decoration company and foreman, such as: big core version for cabinet body and cabinet frame, solid wood edging, cement, brush interface agent, paper gypsum board cover, etc., which were all traps

common greasy decoration agreements &mdash& mdash; The owners generally pay attention to the price of individual items. As for the actual area, it is generally estimated. In fact, this area is also the place for decoration companies or foremen. If the area of each item is slightly increased and the price of individual items is high, then at least a few hundred or more than a few thousand will go out. After the single price is negotiated, we must measure the area and size of the single item together with the decoration company or foreman, and write it down and implement it on paper, so as to avoid wrangling over the size of the area and size at that time

common greasy decoration agreements &mdash& mdash; Cheat on the quotation

some treacherous decoration companies or foremen will cheat on the process description or area, simplify some processes or secretly change some materials. When signing the contract, you must personally compare and check the corresponding terms one by one, whether they are consistent with the final conditions negotiated by the decoration company or the foreman, and you cannot ignore any details and leave no opportunities

common greasy decoration agreements &mdash& mdash; Provide inferior products when materials enter the site

although it is very clear in the contract and quotation that what materials, specifications and grades of products should be used, some decoration companies or foremen with a fluke mentality will always take risks and disguise themselves as fake and fake. If the owner is not careful and doesn't care, inferior materials will enter the site secretly. When materials enter the site, it is best to be present in person, bring the contract and quotation, and invite knowledgeable people or supervisors to the site for acceptance

common greasy decoration agreements &mdash& mdash; When the materials enter the site successively, the advanced part of the good materials deceive the customs

when the materials enter the site successively, the advanced part of the good materials let you accept in order to deceive the customs, while the owner is not in the process of entering inferior materials. When the workers enter the site, the foreman will certainly enter some materials and ask the owner to inspect the goods on site. At the beginning, they came according to the provisions of the contract, but it is inevitable that some unscrupulous foremen will inevitably appear, some good materials will be advanced, and some inferior materials will be replaced while the owner is not there. Some simply do not tell the owner the decoration process first, and let the inferior materials be used in the concealed works first

the relevant information about the decoration agreement is introduced here. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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