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The special training course of "Yu'an door and window brand" investment promotion practical training of Foshan Xiangyu household products Co., Ltd. has been a complete success! Foshan Xiangyu household products Co., Ltd. & Guangzhou Houqi Business Service Co., Ltd. has reached strategic cooperation

the special training course of "Yu'an door and window brand" investment promotion practical training of Foshan Xiangyu household products Co., Ltd. was successfully carried out in Foshan Yu'an headquarters from November 26 to 27, 2018, and achieved a complete success

new chapter of strategic cooperation

Foshan Xiangyu household products Co., Ltd. & The strategic cooperation reached by Guangzhou Houqi Business Service Co., Ltd. is an important manifestation of Yu'an brand's determination to forge ahead, and it is also a key step for Yu'an investment promotion team to move forward steadily. This investment promotion training course aims to expand the market channels of Yu'an doors and windows in an all-round way and promote the investment promotion links to be more standardized, orderly and procedural

investment promotion training

sizing up the situation, through the analysis of a large number of investment promotion data, Yu'an investment promotion team was finally carefully selected and established from the company's original excellent marketing elites, which is of milestone significance. Starting from the pain points of investment promotion, this training is committed to promoting the team to be more standardized, orderly and methodical in the investment promotion link

among many door and window brands, Yu'an door and window focuses on the "silent" performance, emphasizing the quiet demand for a better living, and has irreplaceable competitive advantages in the industry market, which is conducive to the publicity and promotion of investment promotion

customers are the focus of investment attraction. The old traditional methods should make great changes and adjustments to meet the needs of the current information age. How to mine the true and complete customer information behind the miscellaneous and obscure data and establish long-term effective contact with it is the key content of this training

80% of salesmen will not follow up after tracking once. Only less than 2% of salesmen will stick to the fourth tracking. Senior Salespersons should not only have solid and professional investment promotion knowledge, but also inject painstaking efforts in endurance and persistence

Yu'an doors and windows, a brand of doors and windows under Foshan Xiangyu household products Co., Ltd., was born in 2006. The company is a modern enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service, mainly engaged in aluminum alloy doors, windows, sunshine rooms, etc. The company has a garden type production base of 60000 m2, more than 800 sales outlets around the world, all of which are German and Italian process equipment. The production scale and technology research and development have reached a high level in the industry

adhering to the enterprise development vision of "being a good person with integrity and focusing on building doors and windows", Yu'an actively explores the global market. Yu'an people firmly believe that the moment when the aluminum ingot is quenched at high temperature is the noble embodiment of the craft and value of Yu'an doors and windows. This is the spirit of Xiangyu home and the pursuit of ingenuity. Although its benefits are small, it will eventually benefit the world for a long time

new situation and new development

Yu'an is determined to move forward. Focusing on mute performance, developing diversified products, producing high-quality doors and windows, and creating a comfortable home life, Yu'an hopes to benefit thousands of families with the blessing of each door and window

this strategic cooperation aims to quickly improve the professional skills of Yu'an investment promotion team, provide customers with better professional door and window services, better explore the market channels of doors and windows, and carefully build an excellent Yu'an door and window brand. At the same time, it also hopes to become a typical brand in China's door and window industry

behind the wisdom and hard work of countless Yu'an people, giving you a quiet space and an exclusive beauty is the best blessing of Yu'an





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