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The so-called "one life, two sports and three Feng Shui" shows that Feng Shui has a particularly significant impact on us, and it also shows the importance of Feng Shui in our life. Because of this, we will pay attention to and pay attention to Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, what are the Feng Shui taboos in interior decoration design? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

interior decoration design Feng Shui taboos

what are the Feng Shui taboos in interior decoration design

1. See the kitchen and toilet at the beginning, return the house of transportation

all rooms, you must see the living room at the beginning. In modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of space, you often see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom first when you enter the door. This is the taboo of Yangzhai, which is also unreasonable. If you live in it, your family's luck will decline

2. The living room is in the middle of the house. If the living room or living room is in the middle of the whole house, it is an auspicious sign, which can make the family prosperous

3. The top of the beam will affect the mood and health

the beam should not be pressed above the head of the bed, desk and dining table. It is unavoidable to design the ceiling to block it, otherwise it will affect the mood and health of the residents and hinder their career

4. It is difficult to sleep by pressing the mirror beside the bed

in addition to the fact that the bed cannot be directly facing the big mirror, if there are large dressing glasses on both sides of the bed, people will sleep uneasily, resulting in insomnia, dreams, etc

5. Evergreen potted plants make good fortune

due to the improvement of life quality, in order to increase the indoor green, evergreen potted plants are good indoor decorations, but you must choose plants that are evergreen, have strong vitality, and are not easy to wither and fall leaves

6. The big picture at the head of the bed should not be big.

the picture at the head of the bed can increase the elegance of the bedroom, but it is appropriate to be light and short, and it is best to avoid the large picture with thick and heavy huge frame, otherwise once the hook falls off and the head is cut off, it will be either death or injury, and you can't be careless

7. Only a clean bathroom can keep money

the bathroom is a place for sewage discharge. In addition to the orientation in compliance with the Central Bureau, it is most forbidden to be damp, dirty and have peculiar smell. If you can keep it clean and dry, you can retain wealth

8. A bed with feet, do not pile sundries under the bed

a bed with feet, should be kept open and ventilated under the bed, and must not pile sundries under the bed. Newlyweds should especially avoid

9. The door opening direction should be the same

there are 4 pages in total, page 1, 1234. The door opening direction should be the same, which can be concluded from the door handle. The most taboo is to open one on the left and one on the right. (geomantic

geomantic taboos that should be paid attention to in interior decoration design

it is better to have a separate room or a pattern in the restaurant. If it is a restaurant out of the kitchen, it is better. This is more convenient and the distance is the shortest

1. As soon as you enter the gate, you will see the bad luck at the table. It's bad luck to see the table as soon as you enter the door. A screen can be used at a proper position in the dining room, or a wall can be adjusted to avoid the impact of the gate

2. It is not good for the restaurant to share a room with the kitchen. It's very bad to combine the restaurant with the kitchen. Because the fumes accumulated during cooking will affect the hygiene of meals

3. Dining table. The dining table is where a family eats together, so its good or bad luck and prosperity have a great impact on the geomancy of the home. The color of the dinner table should be mainly the color with vitality, so as to stimulate appetite. But pure black and pure white are not suitable. There are many kinds of tables. Most of the traditional Chinese tables are round, symbolizing family reunion. In Feng Shui, triangles and sharp corners of the table should not be used, because sharp corners are lethal and harmful to dietary health. It is also taboo to have a beam on the top of the table, which is like a sharp blade on the top of the head, causing an invisible pressure on people's psychology. Over time, it will cause instability in the house and damage to the Ding Kou

living room feng shui of interior decoration design

the living room is not only a place for guests, but also a place for family members to gather and chat. It should be a lively and friendly place. Hanging books and furnishings in the living room are also symbols of taste personality to some extent. The orientation of the living room is particularly important. It is called "wealth position" in the traditional "Feng Shui", which is related to the prosperity, career and reputation of the whole family. Therefore, the layout and furnishings of the living room can not be ignored

1. Location the living room is a place shared by families and should be located in the center of the house; If the living room is spacious and a part of the bedroom is separated, it is the most unsatisfactory living room

2. The number of sofa sets in the living room cannot be repeated. The most taboo is one and a half sets, or the combination of two groups of sofas with one side and one circle. The fish tank and bonsai in the living room have the function of "catching Qi", which makes the room more vibrant, and the colorful singular number of fish species is better

there are 4 pages in total. Page 1: 1234 next page 3. The best position of wealth position is the diagonal position of entering the door. Avoid columns and recesses here; If there are windows, they can be covered with curtains, so that wealth will not leak out; If this is just a passage, a screen can be placed, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of penetration, but also shape a good financial position; Placing money position with luxuriant bonsai can make fortune better. It is advisable to choose green plants with large and round leaves

4. The moving line of the living room should be the most open, and the vision can be seen through at a glance. The door and back door of the room should not be seen at the entrance, otherwise there will be a "front in, back out, unable to gather money" problem; Walkways should also avoid penetrating the whole room vertically or horizontally

5. The beam column hall should avoid the obstruction of the beam, and its structure can be decorated into various beautiful shapes on it. For example, the traditional arch, the extension of the ceiling and the painting of flowers can also be simply divided into two areas. The living room of a dry house must be bright. Try to use a large number of white system colors to make the residents smart and elegant. If the dark color is more than half of the four sides, the residents will be stupid, which is more detrimental to men

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the sofa is one of the most important furniture in the living room. The placement of the sofa determines the pattern of the living room and is also related to Feng Shui. So what should we pay attention to when placing the sofa? Next, check the taboos of placing Feng Shui on the sofa in the living room, and you can understand it

Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. First, the sofa must not be directly opposite the door

if the sofa is in a straight line with the living room door, it will do great harm. It will lead to the separation of family and wealth. When there is no other way, remember to put a screen between the door and the sofa to prevent the airflow from rushing directly into the sofa, so as to protect wealth from leakage and family reunion. The sofa should be arranged in a U-shaped shape. The depression of the U-shaped shape is the air receiving position of Feng Shui, which can store wind and gather gas. It is said that it is more beneficial than A-shaped placement

placing Feng Shui taboos on sofa in sand living room II. Hair is most afraid of beam capping

beam capping is a big taboo in living room, bedroom or kitchen. If there is a beam on the sofa, it will have a great impact, so we must avoid it. If you really have to put it under the beam, you must put two pots of Kaiyun bamboo on the tea table on both sides of the sofa to bear the pressure of Feng Shui

Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. Third, it is best to place the sofa against the wall, not directly facing the channel, not without a back

in terms of Feng Shui, there are backers against the wall, and there are no worries about the future. If there are doors, windows and passages behind the sofa, and there is no wall to lean on, it will form a situation of dissipation, and people and money are difficult to prosper. The remedy is to put furniture such as screens and low cabinets behind the sofa and make artificial backers. The situation is slightly better. If there is a window, door anchor line or channel behind the sofa, it is also equal to no backer behind it. From the perspective of psychology, the back of the sofa is empty and lacks a sense of security. If there is really no solid wall behind the sofa, the more effective way to improve it is to place the low inventory building materials cabinet or screen behind the sofa, which is called "artificial backer", and it will also play a remedial role

Feng Shui taboos for sofa placement in the living room. 4. The sofa must not be in line with the door.

if the sofa is in line with the door, Feng Shui calls it "hedging", which has great disadvantages, which will lead to the loss of family members and the loss of wealth. In this case, it is best to remove the sofa to avoid colliding with the gate. If there is no place to move, you have to put a screen between the two. In this way, the air flowing into the house from the gate will not directly rush into the sofa, the family will not be dispersed and can gather together, and the wealth will not be leaked

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