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From November 17 to 18, the "5th decorative paper and decorative panel customized home industry chain development summit", CO organized by Guangdong yaodonghua furniture panel Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, was grandly held in Foshan, Guangdong

sponsored by China Forestry Industry Association and the Wood Industry Research Institute of China Academy of Forestry Sciences, organized by the Wood Industry Research Institute of China Academy of Forestry Sciences and the decorative paper and decorative panel Professional Committee of China Forestry Industry Association, and co organized by Guangdong yaodonghua furniture panel Co., Ltd., the "fifth decorative paper and decorative panel customized home industry chain development summit" was grandly held in Foshan, Guangdong on November 17-18, More than 400 experts and leaders from relevant industries across the country gathered together to discuss the industrial development strategy of the industry. During this period, the experts went to yaodonghua furniture board Co., Ltd. for a visit. Its advanced equipment and first-class quality have won unanimous praise from peers at home and abroad

the fifth decorative paper and decorative panel customized home industry chain development summit was held to further strengthen the exchange and interconnection of the industrial chain, promote the collaborative innovation of decorative paper, decorative panel and customized home industry chain, and help the healthy development of the industrial chain. The meeting focused on the key, difficult and hot issues of the development of the industrial chain, carried out in-depth discussions, and visited and investigated the world-class decorative panels, wardrobe and kitchen cabinet factories

On the morning of the 18th, a delegation led by experts came to yaodonghua company in Lishui, Foshan. As the only enterprise to visit the decorative panel industry and the first enterprise to visit this event, yaodonghua company worked together to prepare for the reception. At the summit, Zeng Minhua, chairman of yaodonghua, made a report on the theme of "the application and Prospect of synchronous texturing technology in decorative panels", focusing on the current situation of decorative wood-based panels, the application and development of synchronous texturing technology and the prospect of trends. This time, yaodonghua also showed the delegation the first winconair double-sided synchronous automatic lamination production line in Asia

in the wenkangna workshop of yaodonghua, the production line is in operation, and only a few workers operate it. It has the functions of full-automatic short cycle synchronous embossing press, infrared positioning automatic loading, infrared precise positioning automatic paper laying, fully enclosed constant temperature and humidity dust-free paving space, synchronous embossing automatic precise positioning and rapid closing hot pressing, intelligent edge cleaning, automatic turnover cooling, automatic true air stacking, etc., and its degree of intelligence has aroused people's surprise. The embossing on the surface layer of the board is completely consistent with the texture of the decorative paper. It accurately, delicately and stereoscopically deduces the solid wood grain, which is flexible and hearty, fully shows the essence of the wood grain, and fully and truly reproduces the three-dimensional (three-dimensional) texture of the board

during the visit, everyone was very interested in red cotton synchronous cross stitch products. Each piece of red cotton plate is pressed and pasted by the wenconnor double-sided synchronous grain automatic pressing production line. The exquisite products are specially customized for the high-end boutique plate market. It not only restores the realistic hand feeling of solid wood to the wood grain veneer with relief technology, but also combines the visual texture trend with the tactile relief effect synchronously, presenting a man-made decorative panel product comparable to the tactile and visual feeling of solid wood

some experts said that customized home furnishing is a systematic project, which needs the cooperation of the whole industrial chain. Through this visit, we have a deeper understanding of the production capacity and product quality of yaodonghua company, and look forward to further cooperation between the two sides in the future. Zeng Minhua, chairman of yaodonghua, said that the product chain needs the joint efforts of upstream and downstream communication. Only by better understanding the needs of customers and market demand, can we develop new products with a clear purpose and avoid detours. Ye Kelin, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, also hopes that through this event, the whole industry will establish a consensus, and we will work together to innovate and jointly promote industrial development

it is reported that yaodonghua company has developed for more than 20 years, and has never been satisfied with the current situation, constantly innovating and forging ahead, and developing new product lines. At present, the products cover not only the well-known furniture boards, trough boards, sound-absorbing boards and wall boards, but also PVC coated aluminum materials, louvers, electrophoretic aluminum materials, European lines, furniture accessories, concealed doors, sliding doors, etc. in the same color, providing consumers with a one-stop solution for overall home decoration. Under the leadership of chairman Zeng, yaodonghua will be committed to making the synchronous pattern products of "synchronizing the world and leading China" shine brightly, and let China's intelligent manufacturing lead the world





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